What's happening guys??

In the last 2 decades of my life on earth, this is the first time in over 8 months of the pandemic, which made me even more bonded with my family. Yes indeed we all are going through a difficult time, but we are sailing through – technology has helped us in so many ways, I can say! These days I’ve spent a lot of time with children (especially my dear niece), I questioned myself, why can’t I write a children’s book? So I was trying a different genre of writing and learning a lot of things.

A couple of things I did to build my profile professionally, I indulged in a job change, took an online course, and utilizing this abundant time.

But I badly miss my friends in person, and sometimes I feel so bored! Really for how long can I sit in an 8-9 hours job, then Netflix, eating, all that is very paralyzing. Sometimes I thought of talking to my dad and take over the business responsibilities. The only thing I think of is to work hard 24/7 so that I get to learn.

Hold on! Then who will check on with mom’s cooking? So I keep on doing these kinds of stuff and hovering.

Age 23…. Ongoing Pandemic time...

When I was a kid you could ask me how old I imagined and talking about maturity and I was going to tell you 28, it was like almost 30 but not yet.

That is my imagination involved living the happy, independent, solved, successful life with a strong purpose and surrounded by people I felt abundant effectively with.

Today at my 23, in the middle of coronavirus, global economic and social crisis, I can say directly that it has been the best year of my life. I feel at a point that I have worked so hard on me, understanding how life works, feel comfortable inside me, to be aligned with my purpose, in being a contribution to the community of helping government school students, in having learned the importance of always being connected with the earth, with the good, with everything around me, with others, and with all levels of my own being, what can I say! Thank you life! I feel full. Honored by all the opportunities that have come to me, and just as I promised myself I have made the most of them, even some that were more challenging than others, but still transformed me into who I am today and I can not be more grateful of it.

So to all my family, friends, patients, and everyone I've been lucky enough to meet Thank you! for sharing with me this adventure that is life.

Let’s keep multiplying everything good that comes to us to build among all a world more loving, more enjoyable, brighter, and above all greener!!!

I hope you get that moment when you can say so… No external opinion passes over the one I have of myself 

The pandemic has led me to think and interrogate myself and I can strongly say…THERE IS MORE TO ME…



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