You're the Author of Your Life Story, So You'll be Proud of Writing one - Abishek CB


"Luxury is the skeleton structure that holds society. We are secretly, greedily, or obviously driven towards pleasure & comfort from our childhood. Finally, this connotation becomes the biggest pressure. - Abishek CB"

It was never a better time to be an author—or to aspire to become one.

"When writing the story of your life, don't let any other individual holds the pen."

Because this is about how you get escorted from your thoughts and delivering your life as an epic tale. Witnessing this as a teenager, that was the plan I created for my own life - A memoir.

If I wanted romance, I would have written a romance story, and if I wanted an adventure, I would have done the same. But the shift was incredibly empowering when writing my story because now I am responsible for the story.

Imagine we'll all be comparing stories at the end of this life, and somebody's going to ask to see yours. Will it be a proud moment? Yes indeed, you will be proud to show them, instead, they will buy and read. Perhaps you wish there was more to write... Chances are that you are blessed with an enormous amount of independence, opportunity, and financial strength...

Take a pen and narrate your own story and make your mark

Abishek CB

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